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The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), a professional organization for women artists, composers, and writers, promotes the development of creative talents of professional women in the arts. The national organization has over 5,000 members; the Honolulu Branch has over 100 members and affiliated Friends.

ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Ann Becker Gommers


“Far Away”
Acrylic on canvas (2014)
18” x 24"

“When I paint or write, I get in my ‘zone’. Nothing matters, nothing bothers me and I am driven. But the process is sometimes painful… “…is it right…did I get it…is it good?”. In the painting or story ‘zone’, I sometimes put the canvas or manuscript away. Days or months later I return to it, laboring again until it speaks to me just as the image or idea that inspired it in the first place spoke to me. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it takes years and sometimes ‘it’ never happens. What do I get out of it? Synapse….brain stimuli, adrenalin and excitement over what ‘it’ might become” and sometimes does.”
 ~ Ann Gommers


About the Honolulu Branch

A subsidiary of the National organization, the Honolulu Branch, known as the Honolulu Pen Women, conducts and promotes creative and educational activities in Art, Letters, and Music. Honolulu Pen Women have participated in juried art shows, published their work and had it performed, and through shared artistic experience, have developed lasting friendships.

The Honolulu Pen Women gather for lively luncheon meetings once a month, usually the first Wednesday of the month, from 11:00 A M to 1:00 PM, September through May. The agenda typically consists of a short business meeting, and a program by a featured speaker. Check NEXT MEETING for meeting place, menu, and guest speaker.

Non-members interested in the arts may also attend luncheon meetings, although reservations are required. If you would like to receive notices of monthly meetings by email, please click email Your email address will only be used for this purpose.

In even-numbered years, members organize the NLAPW BIENNIAL WRITERS' CONFERENCE. These inspiring Honolulu conferences are a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned writers and published authors and are open to all interested residents and visitors.

In conjunction with the conferences, the Honolulu Branch conducts a respected literary competition: the LORIN TARR GILL WRITING COMPETITION, held in memory of writer Lorin Tarr Gill, a long-time Branch member who died in 1979. The competition is open to the public and is carried on with primary support from the Gill family.

In odd-numbered years, members organize the NLAPW BIENNIAL ART EXHIBITION. Biennial Art Shows are held at the beautiful Honolulu Country Club Art Gallery, 1690 A la Puumalu St., Honolulu HI 96818.

Who are NLAPW members?

NLAPW members are female professionals who produce creative works in one or more of these membership classifications: Art, Letters, and Music. Members form a vibrant network of writers, artists, and musicians who support each others' efforts and help promote arts in the community at large.



Ann Becker Gommers (Art)

Vice President
Marcia Zina Mager (Letters)

Shan Correa (Letters)

Recording Secretary
Mary Farkash (Art)

Corresponding Secretary
Marion Coste (Letters)

Alice Folkart

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Membership Chair: Sabra Rae Feldstein (Art)

Letters Chair: TBD (Letters)

Art Chair: TBD  (Art)

Newsletter Editor:  Elsha Bohnert (Art & Letters)

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