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The National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW), a professional organization for women artists, composers, and writers, promotes the development of creative talents of professional women in the arts. The national organization has over 5,000 members; the Honolulu Branch has over 100 members and affiliated Friends.
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Call for Submissions – Vinnie Ream Award
Michael Gruber Workshop May 15-17
Delectable Detour March 22
Writers’ Critique Group March 25
Kauai Writers Conference May 1-3
Mokule‘ia Writers Retreat May 3-8
Hawaii Fiction Writers
Pacific Rim Book Festival Award Presentation
BlueCat Screenwriting Workshops March 28
Call for Submissions: The Masters Review

Art Show Recap and Winners


What Was I Thinking?
Mixed Media
30” X 20”

Three Sisters
16" x 12"

Fan Palm
Pen/ink with colored pencil
16” X 12”

Art is a verb. It is for viewing, contemplating, listening, reading, watching, questioning, performing. Art is that which demands attention. It can be intellectual or emotional.

Last year on her birthday, Elsha made presents for us. The stone I received said "why not?" It inspired this haiku:

A long series of
"what if" and "why not" brings me
to this paradise

My art career was in abstract painting - predominantly mixed media on paper. I was moderately successful in the Psych 101 way of an experiment giving intermittent rewards Just enough success to keep me going. I was persistent enough to stay in the game, but never a star. It didn't matter as I like what I do. I view abstract art like instrumental music where there is freedom of interpretation. Abstractions requires more work on the viewers part to learn a visual language. Realistic art, is like putting lyrics to the music. It gives clues to a narrative, but it is limiting. My fascination is with shapes and textures, sometimes disguised as people or palms.

Artists get to focus our attention. A melody can stick with you for days, a book can change your life, you can get lost in a film makers world for 90-120 minutes, maybe repeatedly, and you can enjoy a painting for years. But without that interaction: a communication between two or more people it is meaningless.

It is just lines on paper.

- Ruth Ann Howden


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