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Click for more information about Girls Court at www.girlscourt.org/activities.html


For six years, Honolulu Pen Women led activities for Girls Court. The only gender-specific program in the country, Hawaii's Girls Court runs a yearlong program for girls who would otherwise be in the juvenile detention system.

Past Pen Women-run sessions include aromatherapy, ecstatic dancing, public speaking, playwriting, and collage. Girls have taken home tote bags they have decorated; books authored by Pen Women; and arts projects such as a 'home,' a house-shaped board filled with pictures, words, and decorations that embodied their comfort zone.

For the celebration that ends their year, the girls created Power Point presentations of who they are and what they hope their future will be. Judge Karen Radius, who initiated the Girls Court program, has repeatedly expressed her support of Pen Women's activities. After seeing a girl who started off sullen or restless create art or write a poem, most presenters leave feeling they have gained more than they have given. Pen Women's Girls Court program has enriched both their lives and ours.

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