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“The first Wednesday of every month is like Christmas!  Honolulu’s eclectic Pen Women members, the dynamic speakers, the delicious food, and lively conversations are always inspiring and delightful.  I leave feeling grateful to be a part of such an incredibly creative and heart-felt group of women.” ~ Marcia Zina Mager (Letters)

Past Speakers


January - Speaker: Ashley Lukens : Topic: ARTISTS AND WRITERS AND PESTICIDES,
          OH MY! The Yellow Brick Road to Creatively Solving Hawaii’s Food Problems
February - Jaimey Hamilton Faris Title: Art’s Intimate Spaces
March: Margaret Bendet  Topic: Memoir: Taking a Step Back
April: Jan McGrath on Acting and Writing: A Parallel Creative Journey
May - Pen Women Members and Friends are invited to read their latest work.
September - Leslie Wilcox Topic: "Home is Here"
October - Marcia Zina Mager and Lucie Lynch "THE JOURNEY OF SELF WORTH: A Magical Mystery Tour"
November - Pamela Taylor Tongg - History of Ballet Hawaii


January - MICHAEL GRUBER, New York Times bestselling author : The Thriller: Origins, Structure and Value
February - Roslyn Catracchia - Songwriter/Composer/Lyricist/Playwright/Musical Director/Teacher TITLE: Finding Your Own Secret Language In Songwriting
March - Nezia Azmi, Scholar and Performer of Balinese Dance: "The “the” in Dance"
April - Life as a Casting Director & the Struggles of Women in Hollywood, RACHEL SUTTON, Casting Director for HAWAII FIVE-O
May - Pen Women Members and Friends are invited to read their latest work.
September - Kiersten Faulkner, executive director of Historic Hawai‘i Foundation, shared stories and images of historic preservation in Hawai‘i. Click here for her presentation.
October - Presenter: Susan Scott   Topic: “Call Me Captain or I’ll Kill You”
November - Presenter: Dr. Stann Reisiss  - Topic: "Waking up to Infinite Possibilities: The Real Purpose & Power of Hypnosis
December - Evening International Holiday Celebration


January - Mark W. Travis, film director and author - "Playing with Time: How the control of time is a rare and powerful writer's tool"
February - Eden Lee Murray, “Many Moving Parts!”
March - Ann Gommers, “Life Written in Stone: The Magic of Picture Rocks”
April - Lavonne Leong & Jane Gillespie, “How to Make a Children's Book in Ten Easy (And Not So Easy) Steps”
– “A Celebration of Talent: Readings by Pen Women and Friends”
September - Topic: “The Power of Voice” Lucie Lynch & The Perfect Wave
October – Dr. Lori Kimata: "MAY YOU HAVE SEVEN LOVERS: Exploring the Link between Creativity, Sexuality, and Health”
November - Alice Anne Parker - " The Torment and Triumph of Writing a Memoir:
Five Steps for Success".
December - A MURDER AT THE PACIFIC CLUB?!!  (click here for a link to photos)

January - Jeannette Paulson Hereniko  “Just Keep Moving"
February - Pat Clough -  "The Prison Writing Project"
March – Bree Bumatai, Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, John Wythe White, Victoria Gail-White: "Front Row Seats: A Look at Community Theater in Hawaii"
April – David Behlke: “The Creative Process: Thoughts and Action”
May – “A Celebration of Talent: Readings by Pen Women and Friends”
September - Leigh Ann Phillips - “Music, Sound and the Eyes of the Night:
      Utilizing Sound, Mantra and the Dreamtime to Enhance Creativity”
October -  MAILE MEYER, noted arts organizer, facilitator & gallery owner
November - Gift of Music: MARCI PRINS, harpist,
       HAWKINS BIGGINS, commercial & fine art photographer
December - Holiday Celebration & Trash2Fashion Show

January: Stephanie Jurgenson - "Eating for Energy"
February: Marcia Zina Mager - " IDENTITY THEFT:
                 Reclaiming the Truth of Who We Are"
March: May Izumi - “The Fire Horse’s Granddaughter Goes Looking for Shadows” or
     “How I Took My Dark Side Out for Dinner and a Movie”
April:  Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng  TOPIC: A Ladder to the Moon, A Bridge to Peace
May:  The Multi-Talented and Very Courageous Pen Women in our Honolulu Branch
September: Pualani Burgess: BUILDING BELOVED COMMUNITY:
                   "Storytelling as Practice”
October: Stephan Jost: "What's New at the Honolulu Museum of Art?"
 SUSAN SCOTT - “When I’m 64”
December: Annual Happy Holiday Celebration

January: Writer/Author Juliet S. Kono
February: Dancer Yukie Shiroma with Actor Nyla Fujii-Babb
March: Writer/Author Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
April: Artist Maile Yawata
May:  The Courageous Pen Women in our Branch
September: Nancy Moss
October: Sonja Sironen - Bharate Natyam (Classic Indian dance)
November:  Vera Stone-Williams "The Writing is the Least of it"

January:  Timothy Hearsum, Internationally-Known Photographer
February:  Susan Scott: “Sailing Through Menopause Via Mexico”
March:  Mary Lou Sanelli, Author: “Falling Awake”
April:  Kaui Hart Hemmings, Author: “The Descendents”
May: Pen Women read
September: Featured Speaker: Artist Cora Yee
October: Featured Speaker Elsha Bohnert
November:  The speaker is poet Emily Dickinson as portrayed by Jan McGrath

January:  Roslyn Cattrachia, Composer and Lyricist: “Passion Through Music”
February:  Noe Tanigawa, Artist/Painter/Radio Host
March:  Leslie Wilcox, President and CEO of PBS Hawaii
April:  Allyn Bromley, Artist/Painter/Printmaker
May:  Pen Women read
September:  Dorothy Faison, Artist/Painter
October:  Thomas Cummings, Cultural Storyteller
November:  Brett Wagner, Filmmaker

September - Patricia Wood, Author:  “Having a Vision for Your Work”
October:  Harry Wong, Director: “Directing Local Literature”
November:  Dr. Sunny Massad: “From Chaos to Clarity:
An East/West Approach to Creative Discipline”

Other Past Pen Women Presenters

Pegge Hopper, Artist
Karen Tiller, Hawaii Opera Theatre
Deb Nehmad, Artist
Y York, Playwright
Yida Wang, Artist
Lee Cataluna, Writer/playwright
Alice Anne Parker, Writer/psychic/dream interpreter
Jeff Gere, Storyteller
Laurie Steel Smith, Naturopath/author
Pam Chambers, Public speaking coach
Laurie Carlson, Writer/editor/Honolulu Weekly
Melinda Caroll, Singer/composer
Cheryl Flaherty, Choreographer/dancer
David Ulrich, Photographer/artist
Jodi Endicott, Artist
Susan Killeen, Writer/producer
Sally French, Artist
Rita Ariyoshi, Writer
Marcia Zina Mager, Writer
Elsha Bohnert, Artist/writer
Famous Amos, Author/community advocate
Ron Kowalke, Artist
Kaethe Kauffman, Ph.D., Artist/writer
Steven Little, Art historian/director, Honolulu Academy of Arts
Margaret South, Writer/writing coach
Georgi Lagoria, Director, The Contemporary Museum
Jo Pruden, Actor
Katherine Love & Liz Train, Artists representing the Contemporary Museum
Marcia Morse, Artist/writer
Mihana Souza, Singer/musician
Alan Leitner, Artist
Peter Clark, Actor
Rick Szuster, MD, Jungian Psychiatrist, poet
Vera Williams, Writer
Dr. Jerome Feldman, Professor of Art History/Art Hawaii Pacific University
James Rumford, Author
Jana Wolff, Writer on ghost writing
Betsy Bowen, Motivational speaker
Emme Tominbang, TV Personality/producer
Elaine Hatfield, Ph.D. & Richard Rapson, Ph.D.
Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, Ophthalmologist
Anna Dibella, then National President of NLAPW
Jeanette Paulson, Producer, The Land Has Eyes
Audrey Southerland, Author/water woman
Lynn Dally, Choreographer/Professor of Dance

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