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Who can join NLAPW?

If you are a...  Writer, editor, artist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, or composer.... you belong in PEN WOMEN!

Have you:

  • Published a book?
  • Had your artwork shown in three juried shows?
  • Been paid for three works of art or writing?
  • Composed original music?
  • Written a play?

"If you can join only one professional arts organization, join the Honolulu Pen Women."
- Shan Correa, award-winning writer

Top Reasons to join the National League of American Pen Women:

  • To be a member of a highly respected professional organization with headquarters in Washington, DC, and a tradition of excellence in the fields of Art, Letters, and Music.
  • To be part of a vibrant community of writers, artists, and musicians sharing our accomplishments, challenges, and inspirations.
  • To network with Pen Women peers across the United States.
  • To meet those whose work you have admired, and to be a part of an organization of creative women of all ages and backgrounds.
  • To mentor and be mentored, and share experiences and information with those who face similar challenges in creating - or marketing - their work.
  • To stimulate your creative juices through the many Pen Women activities (luncheons, conferences, retreats, salons, etc.).
  • To be of service on an individual basis or in leadership roles within the organization.

  NLAPW Honolulu offers:

  • Monthly luncheon meetings/speakers you won't want to miss.
  • Personal listing with images of your work on the Honolulu Branch website.
  • Monthly newsletter announcing your accomplishments, awards, and upcoming events.
  • Biennial Art Exhibition for members, with cash awards.
  • Biennial Writers' Conference, featuring distinguished speakers and hands-on workshops.
  • Biennial Writing Competition, also with cash awards.
  • Subscription to The Pen Woman, the NLAPW's national magazine.
  • An invitation to stay at the historic Pen Arts mansion, our national headquarters, when you visit Washington, DC.
  • An enthusiastic Executive Board with members who are dedicated to the Honolulu Pen Women programs.

To apply for NLAPW Honolulu membership:

1. For Membership Information please visit the NLAPW Website

2. Download the application and contact the Honolulu Branch Membership Chair,
Sabra Feldstein membership@nlapwhonolulu.org


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